Phillip Johnston – Composer/Saxophonist

(photo: Andrew Cowen)

“You’ll dream about being like Bugs Bunny, and then you wake up, and you’re Daffy Duck.” – Chuck Jones

Phillip Johnston is an American composer/saxophonist who lives in Sydney, Australia. His interests include jazz, contemporary scores for silent film, the history of film music and comics.

His work includes jazz and contemporary composition, and music for film, silent film, theater, musical theater, dance, songs, and a variety of ensembles.

“Saxophonist/composer Phillip Johnston’s music embodies all that’s good about jazz. It’s honest, original, and inspired, above and beyond the typical. It’s also some of the very smartest and best-humored music to have found a home under the jazz banner.” Chris Kelsey, Jazziz.

photo: Elaine Odgers Norling, Avoca Beach Cinema 2012
(banner photo: Rachel Knepfer)