Film Music

I have always loved the art of film music. My eureka moment with film happened when I first saw Robert Altaman’s The Long Goodbye (1973), with music by John Williams, and realized that every piece of music in the film was the same tune. My first feature film score was Committed (1984) by Lynne Tillman and Shelia McLaughlin, and my most recent was Exile by Zoe Beloff (2017).

Phillip Johnston on IMDB.

In the early 1990s, I got interested in writing contemporary scores for silent film scores. My first silent film score was for Tod Browning’s The Unknown (1927), which premiered in 1993 at The American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY. My most recent score was for Lotte Reiniger’s The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926), premiered in 2013 at Randwick Town Hall in Sydney. I’m currently developing a new silent film project based on short Australian silent films.