Tight Corners: The Phillip Johnston/Jex Saarelaht Quartet
plays the music of Thelonious Monk, Steve Lacy and Herbie Nichols

Phillip Johnston - soprano saxophone
Jex Saarelaht - piano
Jonathan Zwartz - bass
Nic Cecire - drums

TIGHT CORNERS was formed in 2013 as a cooperative venture between Melbourne pianist Jex Saarelaht and Sydney/New York soprano saxophonist Phillip Johnston. Their first gig was at SIMA's Sound Lounge on July 7th, 2012

You can see some YouTube clips from this first gig here:

Tight Corners plays Steve Lacy's Prospectus

Tight Corners plays Herbie Nichols' 2300 Skidoo

Tight Corners plays Thelonious Monk's' Thelonious

More recent gigs in 2013 have included appearances at The Canberra Jazz Project, a return to the Sound Lounge and the upcoming Wangaratta Jazz Festival.

Here is what John Shand had to say about their Canberra show:

"Countless jazz musicians perform Monk's pieces, but few seem to fully understand the enormity of the gift to improvisers inherent in his melodies, the unique charm of his use of dissonance or the playfulness of his rhythmic displacements. The four members of Tight Corners are well alive to these priceless assets, and performed the works with a lightness and humour that seemed to make the whole room levitate. And just as the perception of a painting is affected by the works with which it is shown, so the "Monkishness" of Lacy and Nicols was underlined, not so much as being derivative, but as being part of one of jazz's richest, most colourful and most pliable seams. Glorious."

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

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