Phillip Johnston
The Adventures of Prince Achmed
(Asynchronous Records 004)

  1. Prelude (2.31)
  2. The African Magician (7.42)
  3. Prince Achmed (8.48)
  4. Pari Banu Kidnapped (7.23)
  5. Adventures in China (4.58)
  6. The Witch & the Wedding (3.13)
  7. Take Me To Wak-Wak! (5.25)
  8. The Magic Lamp (5.42)
  9. Aladdin's Tale (4.23)
  10. The Witch vs The Magician (5.40)
  11. The Battle of the Spirits (5.20)
  12. Return to the Land of the Mortals (4.19)

Phillip Johnston: soprano, alto sax
James Greening: trombone
Alister Spence: organ, keyboards
Casey Golden: organ, keyboards
Nic Cecire: drums

Produced by Phillip Johnston
Recorded in Aug/Sep 2013 at Q Studios, Sydney
Record and pre-mix engineer: Richard Hundy
Final mix and mastering by Paul Bromley/Tanuki Studios
Cover design: Keith Lobue

Extended notes

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