Guy Klucevsek/Phillip Johnston Duo
Tales From The Cryptic
(Winter & Winter Music Editions 910 088-2)

  1. Spin Cycle (Guy Klucevsek)
  2. Tulips Are Better Than One (Guy Klucevsek)
  3. Am-Scray (Phillip Johnston)
  4. The Gift (dedicated to Jerome Kitzke) (Guy Klucevsek)
  5. Trial By Error (Phillip Johnston)
  6. Petite Ouverture a Danser (Erik Satie, arr., Guy Klucevsek)
  7. A Pear for Satie (Guy Klucevsek)
  8. Slippin' on a Star (dedicated to Joe Mooney) (Phillip Johnston)
  9. No More Mr. Nice Guy (Guy Klucevsek)
  10. Der Leiermann (The Organ Grinder) (Franz Schubert, arr., Guy Klucevsek)
  11. Diggin' Bones (Phillip Johnston)
  12. A Goyish Kind of Blue (Guy Klucevsek)
  13. The Road to Woy Woy (Phillip Johnston)
  14. The Needless Kiss (Phillip Johnston)
  15. Blue Window (based on The Blue Danube Waltz, by Johann Strauss, Jr., arranged by Teiji Ito and Guy Klucevsek)

Phillip Johnston - soprano, alto saxophones.
Guy Klucevsek - accordion

recorded by
Recorded at Le Domaine de Lescombes, Eysines, FRANCE, Sept 23 & 24, 2002.
Record & mix engineer: Adrian von Ripka.
Production: Mariko Takahashi
Produced by Stefan Winter.
Executive Producers: Mariko Takahashi & Stefan Winter.
Artwork & Design: Alain Sautrau

"Two players who share a sly, delightfully skewed way with musical idioms, the accordionist Guy Klucevsek and the saxophonist Phillip Johnston, are world-class instrumentalists and, seemingly, natural partners."
- The New Yorker

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