Phillip Johnston & the Coolerators
Diggin' Bones (Asynchronous 003)

Phillip Johnston: soprano, alto saxophones
Alister Spence: organ
Lloyd Swanton: bass
Nic Cecire: drums

Produced by The Necks' Lloyd Swanton, Diggin' Bones combines the 'jazz organ combo' of Jimmy Smith and Stanley Turrentine with the distinctly modern and quirky sound established by Phillip Johnston with his bands The Microscopic Septet, Big Trouble & Fast 'N' Bulbous. Featuring the brilliant keyboard work of Alister Spence and the powerful rhythm section of Lloyd Swanton & Nic Cecire, this recording is both challenging and fun with catchy melodies and great grooves combined with complex counterpoint and jagged rhythms.

Phillip Johnston has led Phillip Johnston & the Coolerators in one form or another since moving to Australia in 2005. After a 2-year lay-off (while focussing on the Greasy Chicken Orchestra, New York’s Microscopic Septet, ‘Page of Madness: Suite from Improvisers’ and touring Wordless!), beginning with the release of their new CD in late 2018, Phillip is planning on focussing primarily on The Coolerators as his main performance vehicle.

The band brings together two of Australia’s most internationally acclaimed touring musicians, Alister Spence (Alister Spence Trio, Clarion Fracture Zone, AAO) and Lloyd Swanton (The Necks, the catholics) with one of Sydney’s most in-demand rhythm section players, Nic Cecire. The music covers a range of styles but avant organ jazz is at the centre of it.

More about the Coolerators:

The CD will be launched in Australia at SIMA's Sound Lounge on Saturday 4 August at 8PM. Opening will be Amphibious Due (Oliver Miller & Aaron ‘Baz’ Flower).
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Additional press quotes about The Coolerators:

“….consumate musical artists, they present a unique style of jazz performance that is relaxed, smooth, and eloquent with phrasing that bursts forth intricate improvisations in jazz and swing with a splattering of funk that is all class - for the uninitiated and jazz aficionados alike a delight to imbibe.”
–Peter McGill,

“It is jazz played with some true wit… freely drawing on all styles of music to create quirky, cartoonish pieces, coloured with chirpy melodies and unexpected moments of poignancy.”
–John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

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