Rub Me The Wrong Way
(innova 626)

What this record is all about:

I first met Keely Garfield in the 1990's when she choreographed her piece "The Adventures of Slap & Tickle" to my composition "The Waltz of the Recently Punished Catholic School Boys" from the record Beauty Based on Science by The Microscopic Septet. When I went to see her work for the first time, I felt an immediate kinship with, and admiration for her unique vision; she has developed an original dance language of her own, akin to the personal musical language of a Thelonious Monk or a Steve Lacy. On hearing the name of her company, Sinister Slapstick, it struck me that this might be a good description of my own music. We immediately hit it off and decided to create some original work together. What resulted was a wonderful collaboration that has lasted a number of years, some of which is represented on this record.