Flood At The Ant Farm (Black Saint 120182-2)

The fourth dimension is just one big crazy do-not-enter clambake jungle of weirdity."       - The Tick

  1. Hemline - (6:47)(Steve Lacy)
  2. Willie's Room - (3:20) (Phillip Johnston)
  3. Mr. Crocodile - (8:35) (Phillip Johnston)
  4. Advertisement For A Dream - (7:31) (Joe Ruddick)
  5. (They) Call Me Daisy - (5:42) (Phillip Johnston)
  6. Pontius Pilate Polka - (4:59) (Phillip Johnston)
  7. The Enduring Heart - (4:21) (Kevin Norton)
  8. Heaven, Hell, or Hoboken - (4:28) (Joe Ruddick)
  9. Don't Fret, Sweat - (8:49) (Bob DeBellis)
  10. Alibi Blue - (3:38) (Joe Ruddick)
  11. Bone - (4:31) (Steve Lacy)
  12. Hairline - (1:01) (Johnston/Ruddick)

Phillip Johnston - soprano, alto saxophones.
Bob DeBellis - soprano, tenor, baritone saxophones, bass clarinet.
Steve Swell - trombone.
Joe Ruddick - piano, keyboards, sampler, alto saxophone.
David Hofstra - bass.
Kevin Norton - drums, vibraphone, marimba.
Rob Henke - trumpet (6)
Ron Horton - trumpet (6)

Recorded on July 25, 26, and August 2, 1995, and
Mixed on September 5 and 12, 1995 at Tedesco Studios, NJ.
Engineer: Jon Rosenberg.
Digital Editing and Sequencing on Sept 17, 1995 at Back Pocket, NYC, Butch Jones, engineer
Produced by Phillip Johnston and Andy Caploe.
Executive Producer: Flavio Bonandrini.
Paintings: Nora Sturges
Liner notes: Francis Davis

"...cuts as a hot knife through stylistic changes. Playing his dense, witty compositions and charts, they sound like they're running hurdles set up by a mathematician with a sense of humor and timing."
- Gene Santoro, New York Daily News.

"Johnston's fancy riffs and 30-second drills and hot shot chop-shop stops-out licks all invade the senses in a dozen turn-on-a-nickel charts."
- Fred Bouchard, Jazz Times.

"Saxophonist Johnston leads his tight and versatile octet through a dozen tunes that run the gamut from polka and samba to Dixieland-tinged free jazz. The intricate arrangements leave room for the players to stretch out, yielding some playful collective improvisation and infectious solos, especially from Johnston and trombonist Steve Swell."
- John Shiurba, San Francisco Bay Guardian

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